Diffuseurs & lampes d'ambiance pour 10 à 40 M² 

Broadcasters at low temperatures, it preserves the virtues of essential oils and its cleaning is very easy. Its broadcast is smoothly to avoid saturating the air.


This diffuser can be adapted to your needs:

  • To play in a room of about 25 to 40 M² you will use the reservoir at the top of the glass.
  • For a piece about 10 to 25 M² you will use the tank in the form of chute in the lower part of the glass or glass bowl to put on top of the glass.
  • The glass cup, placed on the glass, can also be used to warm massage oils or melt Shea butter.


Before filing the essential oils in one of the tank drop about 2 to 3 drops of vegetable oil, oil of sweet almond, for example (for more information on this topic please read the additional information below) below *) then place 10 drops of essential oils for about 2 to 3 hours of broadcast. For the bottom tank drop 1 to 2 drops of vegetable oil to 5 drops of essential oils.





Mahogany Saturn

Venus bleached wood

Saturne gris taupe

The broadcaster in its packaging

Fourni dans l'emballage :

  • Le diffuseur avec sa verrerie
  • Une coupelle en verre
  • Un flacon d'une de nos compositions d'huiles essentielles calmante, certifiée biologique par Ecocert.

Dimensions of broadcasters

Diameter 12 cm, height 9 cm
The Zen model is a cube with the sides are 10 cm.


The broadcaster and the materials the grantor are machined processed and/or assembled 100% in our workshops in Ardèche.

Ash wood comes from the region Rhône-alpes selected at the showdown by the national Office of forests (ONF)
The principle is economic, it requires little electricity and essential oils (more or less €1.50 per year if you hold on at all times)

-Cleaning is easy because the glassworks are independent of the diffuser, more with this principle of broadcast you can drop a bit of vegetable oil in the tank before placing the essential oils, which instead, gives you wipe very easily glass end of broadcast.
-No noise: the distribution is obtained by a 5 watt bulb.
-Suitable for a room with an area of 10 to 40 M².
-Electricity is not changed to 12 Volts, so no transformer, no risk of failure, there is engine or electronic piece.

-It is equipped with an electric cable of 1.40 m long with a switch.

*Informations complémentaires :

During the study of the design of these essential oil diffusers, I did the technical selection of broadcasting to low température(entre 30 et 50° maximum) with a broadcast by evaporation and/or air convection (see principle of convection diagram air). These two principles allow a broadcast smoothly and preserve the virtues of essential oils.
Tiedies essential oils are not misrepresented (as long as you do not exceed 50 °), for example: care by inhalation, by absorption of essential oils aromatherapy (our body is at 37 °), obtained by distillation of essential oils steam...


The principle of the air convection diagram

The principle is simple:

  • hot air (3 and 4) pushed by the cold air (2) rises to the top (buoyancy effect)
  • the essential oil, deposited in the tank (1) is transported by air (3 and 4)
  • the heat is obtained through a bulb of 5W (6)
  • Location of essential oils (5) for a broadcast, which combines the air convection and evaporation.

Detail of the elements of the zen diffuser

The supports for the dissemination of essential oils are the same as for round diffusers. Glass to also was chosen as materials for essential oils. This material allows a uniform distribution of heat and avoids an excessive rise in temperature in order to preserve the virtues of essential oils. The size of the diffuser is a cube of 10 cm.

Vidéo indiquant l'emplacement des réservoirs destinés au dépôt des huiles essentielles