Diffuseurs photophores pour 20 M² 

Broadcasters photophores are nomadic they will take everywhere and allow a broadcast with ease.
Simply place a few drops of essential oils on a gypsum located inside ring, then light the candle.
The candle is placed in a glass to allow burning safely.
Essential oils are deposited on the periphery and not under the flame of the candle, this allows to preserve the virtues of essential oils used.
(The resulting temperature does not exceed 37 °)


  • Drop about 6 to 8 drops of essential oils on the ring in gypsum for 4 hours of broadcast. This broadcast time varies according to the nature of essential oils used.




Orion acajou 

Orion grey taupe

Véga bois blanchi


  • made in ash wood.
  • Dissemination is achieved through the air convection: hot air combined with cold air creates a displacement of air.

This warm air, obtained by the warmth of the candle, transports essential oils (suitable for a room of 20 m²).

  • The resulting temperature does not exceed 37 ° C, that of our body, which ensures the preservation of essential oils.
  • No maintenance required for this broadcaster, even citrus can be used (known to be messy because of their capacity in sugar and wax)
  • The diameter of these broadcasters is 12 centimeters.

Provided in the package:

  • The diffuser
  • Two rings in gypsum
  • A bottle of one of our compositions of soothing essential oils, organic certified by Ecocert
  • A candle refill vegetable wax with a duration of 11 am (refills available under buy - candles)

Essential oils are volatile, a same ring may be used for different essential oils.
Except in the case of use of heavier oils such as Patchouli, vetiver or Lemongrass.
A second ring is provided with each broadcaster to meet this possible use. The rings are also available as spare parts in our spare parts section