Ecological broadcasters for essential oils

In 2003 to meet growing demand in the field of dissemination of essential oils, I created a range of broadcasters, these broadcasters are no-frills, aesthetic and consist only of necessary elements.

The principles of dissemination by evaporation or air convection (natural principles) partner to spreading simple and effective essential oils.

When creating and the focus of my presenters, I chose to realize taking into account mainly the following points:

  • In the first place, that efficiency is optimal preserving properties and the virtues of essential oils.
  • Second that their use is convenient, especially from the point of view of maintenance.
  • The third important point has been the choice of natural materials to make an object that is respectful of our environment. The wood I use is a wood of ash from our region.

The principle of dissemination of essential oils is gently as the wind does when it carries the scents of a field of flowers in the Sun.

Thierry Lahay, creative craftsman

Who are we:

In 2000 Thierry Lahay, maker of business, imagine a making innovative objects turned wooden, including openwork patterns.

In 2003 he launched the Quesack project: manufacture in France of the aesthetic essential oil diffusers in an ethical approach and eco-design.
Also fascinated by fragrances, this is distillers of essential oils that it deepened his knowledge.

Deeply animated by convictions ecological and citizens, it also has the desire to preserve a craftsmanship in wood work.

In 2007, this adventure is combined with the feminine with the arrival of Yolande Munier, glass artist. Together, they are developing a process of deformation of the glass which complements and improves the design of the broadcasters.

Our philosophy?

. Observe, reproduce and use what nature offers us using sober and simple technologies.
. Design and manufacture objects of well-being, harmony and aesthetics, reflecting the care of a job well done.
. Engage in responsible management and the principles of sustainable development.
. Provide a quality and optimal functionality at a reasonable price.

It is thanks to a deep questioning of our society and to the encourragement of our clients we find the energy and the will to evolve in this beautiful and intense adventure.